By Steven Jacobson

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ISBN-13: 9780911485004

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The Sphinx with a lion's body and human head is symbolic of this sequence in man's history. There were divine animals and beastly divinities. The 18th Chapter of Leviticus, verses 22-30 refers to this period of sodomic practices when man cohabited with animal forms. 260 "Why think ye that flesh developed a mechanism of reasoning brain if not for high employment? If ye were rewarded in this single earthly life according to your just deserts, verily would flesh defeat its mortal purpose. I adjure you to remember that ye do sow what ye wouldst reap, ye do reap what ye have sown, not alone in one life but in countless other lives whose formings are but memories.

156 Communism is totalitarian socialism. 157 John predicted that before the great epic of Millennial peace, humanity would be subjected to a ruthless, world-wide dictatorship which would attempt to make all men subservient to it or be killed (Revelation 13:15). He said that this dictatorship would compel men, "both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond," to be identified with it (Revelation 13:16). Unless a person be identified with its monopolistic control, "no man might buy and sell" (Revelation 13:17).

These things shall be changed. I say unto man: Beware, thou are not the creature of caprice that is in thee. Behold thou art heavenly, destined for eternity. Man hath arrived at the ending of a cycle: he cometh to accounting: I speak unto him saying: Lest thou destroy thyself, I prohibit abomination of art and of science; I prohibit thee from taking forces that are beyond thine understanding and making them instruments for the destruction of thy species. I give unto you benefits and ye use them not wisely; lo, I withdraw them unless ye are circumspect.

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