By Jeff Anderson

The 'Muscle Nerd,' Jeff Anderson, is a web health advisor and the author of the optimal Anabolics application, an online best-seller for typical anabolic hormone enhancement and mass-building.
Sick of his unchanged 6'2", 142 lb. physique yr after yr and making an attempt unsuccessfully to construct muscle via each bodybuilding application he may perhaps get his tired weight gloves on, Jeff Anderson made up our minds to take concerns into his personal hands!

Driven to ultimately cheat his genetic boundaries, Jeff poured over each scrap of calculated effects and notes he'd religiously saved from each software he'd ever used to figure out the lacking parts of establishing muscle.

Armed with a workstation, pencil, headphones and weightbelt, Jeff earned the nickname "Muscle Nerd" from his fellow gymnasium rats as he might furiously preserve precise notes on the gymnasium of what was once working…and what was once a waste of time.

The step forward eventually got here (accidentally) while he stumbled upon a different tactic for utilizing his body's personal genetic defenses opposed to themselves with the intention to construct extra muscle whereas burning fat.

After 2 extra years of experiments and fine-tuning, the end result was once the construction of the optimal Anabolics application, a whole step by step mass construction software created through the "Muscle Nerd" that information the "8 Anabolic elements" for "programming" your physique for significantly elevated muscle mass.

Jeff is presently a web health advisor and writer, without end armed together with his dumbbells, computer and pocket-protector, gaining knowledge of and trying out the subsequent new arguable bodybuilding discovery.

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Step 2 Check that your SPINE is in a neutral position. DON’T round your back or hunch your shoulders and keep a natural curve in your LOWER BACK. Step 3 Pull your STOMACH muscles in, keeping them tense Step 4 Squeeze your BUTTOCKS muscles (as if you were trying to hold back urinating). You may laugh but this will help you transfer some SERIOUS POWER into your exercise movements and stabilize your ABDOMEN. Step 5 Keep your HEAD stable, in a natural position, and looking straight. Moving your head will change your entire spinal structure and risk injury.

NOT TRUE! While these machines WILL allow you to better isolate a specific muscle, they are ABSOLUTELY NOT the most effective way to stimulate REAL GROWTH! Here’s why… Your body is designed to work as a WHOLE in EVERYTHING you do. From the way your muscles are CONNECTED to one another and the way smaller muscle groups are placed to SUPPORT larger muscle groups, to how your brain works to INTEGRATE all of the functions of your muscles for balance, contraction, and stabilization, whenever you lift ANY weight.

Since the incline flyes DON’T use your ARM MUSCLES as much to execute the movement, the CHEST MUSCLES are doing MOST of the work! By the time you hit them with a heavy bench press in the next set, they’re ALREADY partially damaged from the flyes! This means MAXIMUM stimulation for growth for those LARGER muscle groups! Optimum Anabolic Principle #5: SUPERSET a combination of ISOLATION and COMPOUND exercises to “PRE-EXHAUST” large muscle groups! A Word From The “Muscle Nerd”… “If you’re not already structuring your workouts as supersets, you’re wasting a LOT of precious time!

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