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Ptolemy was once crucial actual scientist of the Roman Empire, and for a millennium and a part his writings on astronomy, astrology, and geography have been types for imitation, assets for brand spanking new paintings, and objectives of feedback.

Ptolemy in Perspective lines reactions to Ptolemy from his personal instances to ours. The 9 experiences express the complicated procedures through which an historic scientist and his paintings won and hence misplaced an overreaching acceptance and authority.

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We will probably never know just why this one was chosen. , one would equate Cancer 0° in the frame of reference of the pseudotropical tables based on Hipparchus’ solstice with Cancer 8° in the true frame of reference, because the true frame of reference by hypothesis placed the solstitial point at Cancer 8°. In subsequent years, therefore, one would continue to place the solstice at Cancer 8° in the true frame of reference, while its counterpart in the pseudo-tropical frame of reference of the tables would gradually decrease in longitude.

26 Valens’ list of year lengths is unfortunately marred by corruptions in the unique independent manuscript (Oxford Selden 22), as shown in the following tabulation where the first column gives the manuscript text, the second gives the readings (incorporating emendations by Kroll, Boll, and Pingree) suggested in Pingree’s text and apparatus, and the third gives a translation of the suggested readings:27 A hopelessly garbled version of the list survives, without any of the context of Valens’ treatise, in another manuscript (Vat.

4173). So far as we can tell, these sets of tables operated with Ptolemy’s tropical frame of reference, and any of them might as well have been used to compute the planetary longitudes in the almanacs as the “normal” Handy Tables. The spread of Ptolemy’s tables during the first two centuries after Ptolemy, as evinced by the extant copies on papyrus and the planetary almanacs dependent on Ptolemy, seems to have had surprisingly little effect on the methods of generating horoscopes. D. D. D. 327 August 17, four seasonal hours before sunrise on the parallel though Rhodes and meridian through Alexandria: Sun Moon Saturn Jupiter Mars Venus Mercury Ascendant Text Almagest (tropical) Almagest (with Theon’s formula) Leo 23° Capricorn 27° Cancer 27° Taurus 1° Scorpio 21° Cancer 8° Leo 8° Cancer 10° Leo 20;50° Capricorn 24;21° Cancer 25;22° Aries 29;9° Scorpio 18;55° Cancer 6;5° Leo 5;59° Cancer 7;25° Leo 22;46° Capricorn 26;17° Cancer 27;18° Taurus 1;5° Scorpio 20;51° Cancer 8;1° Leo 7;55° Cancer 9;21° (19) The agreement is too close to be accidental, especially if we allow for some uncertainty about the exact time and location of the nativity, which would affect the Ancient Rejection and Adoption of Ptolemy’s Frame 33 longitudes of the Moon and the ascendant.

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