By Peter J. Schmid, Dan S. Henningson

ISBN-10: 0387989854

ISBN-13: 9780387989853

A close examine many of the extra glossy problems with hydrodynamic balance, together with temporary development, eigenvalue spectra, secondary instability. It provides analytical effects and numerical simulations, linear and chosen nonlinear balance tools. via together with classical effects in addition to fresh advancements within the box of hydrodynamic balance and transition, the booklet can be utilized as a textbook for an introductory, graduate-level path in balance concept or for a special-topics fluids path. it really is both of price as a reference for researchers within the box of hydrodynamic balance concept or with an curiosity in fresh advancements in fluid dynamics. balance conception has obvious a fast improvement during the last decade, this e-book contains such new advancements as direct numerical simulations of transition to turbulence and linear research in response to the initial-value challenge.

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