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Explains the fundamentals of ways the colon is utilized in textual content, its goal, and the foundations for its use.

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Of note in the clinical chemistry evaluation were consistently lower plasma urea concentrations in high-dose animals (Table 14). Statistical significance was attained during weeks 26, 39 and 78 in both sexes and during weeks 52 and 104 in males. 92 mmol/l in females; CRL, 2008). During the 6-week recovery phase following 52 weeks of treatment, the plasma urea concentrations were similar to or slightly higher than those of the controls. Consistent with observations of lower plasma urea in high-dose females in the 13-week rat study, these findings are considered to be associated with the reduced intake of dietary protein due to the high concentration of test material in the diet.

There were no adverse treatment-related changes in clinical chemistry or urine analysis parameters. Any statistically significant differences observed were not considered clinically relevant or did not follow a dose–response relationship. 05) than that of the controls at 15 000 and 50 000 mg/kg diet (approximately 88% of the control value) during week 13, but not after 4 weeks of recovery (approximately 108% ADVANTAME 29 of the control value). The lower plasma urea concentrations were considered to be associated with the reduced intake of dietary protein due to the high concentration of test material in the diet.

Parameters studied included clinical signs, physical examinations including palpation for masses, body weight, feed and water consumption, feed conversion efficiency, test article intake, ophthalmoscopy, haematology, clinical chemistry, urine analysis and organ weights. Complete gross and microscopic examinations were performed on a standard suite of organs and tissues from each animal. During the in utero phase, there were no treatment-related mortalities or clinical signs of toxicity in parental rats.

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