By Nick Brieger

ISBN-10: 1902741765

ISBN-13: 9781902741765

"Technical English, Vocabulary and Grammar" goals that can assist you bring up your wisdom of technical English and advance your vocabulary and grammar. through operating during the fabrics you need to develop into extra actual and extra applicable in more than a few key technical contexts. The booklet can be utilized by yourself (self-access) or in school (as a part of a course). A reference and perform e-book for novices of technical English at intermediate point and above, it contains: 30 devices masking key technical vocabulary drawn from specialist actions; corporation profiles - automobile, pharmaceutical, mining and telecoms; 20 devices reviewing center grammar in technical contexts; and a 1500 key technical phrases thesaurus.

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"Technical English, Vocabulary and Grammar" goals that will help you elevate your wisdom of technical English and improve your vocabulary and grammar. via operating throughout the fabrics you'll want to develop into extra exact and extra applicable in a variety of key technical contexts. The publication can be utilized by yourself (self-access) or in school (as a part of a course).

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Positive factors: * Pre-reading questions and actions. * Topic-related vocabulary routines. * Comprehension payment and studying talents routines. * dialogue and writing actions. * Spelling and punctuation ideas and perform. * Self-tests to evaluate growth. * Accompanying Audio CDs for What an international 1 and a couple of permit scholars to pay attention at domestic or at school.

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6 7 3 1 4 2 5 roof 3 steel 6 lattice 7 foundations Here is part of a text about house building. Complete the text with words ITomthe opposite page. There are two main methods ofbuilding calculates exactly how much of these houses. In one, solid walls known as materials will be needed for the building. (a) Then, the graund walls are constructed. They support the floors and laid. During the raof of the building. The frame can be covered or filled in withlightweight material. When building a house, the (b) first of all examines is dug out and the (e) make the structures, (g) cut and place stone, (h) construct the raof and (i) cover walls and ceilings with plaster.

Scientific tests have also shown that aspirin taken twice a week reduces the risk of bowel (e) . At high (f) pain in people suffering from the (g) , aspirin reduces disorder, 33 rheumatoid (h) ..... 1 < o Construction A (') m ge -m Construction means the erection or assembly of large structures, primarily those which provide shelter, such as commercial and residential buildings. It also includes major works such as ships, aircraft, and public works such as roads, dams, and bridges. The major elements of a building include: ..

Choose the best definition for the term in C. " weaving to convert animal skin into a material that can be worn fish baking to make paper flour footwear leather drYing, freezing grinding to cook extractbyliquid by squeezing to dry heat especially in an oven to make chilled with cald oil manufacturing to make cloth pulp pressing to make from raw materials by machinery quick producing to make grains intoverysmall particlesfor humanfoodor \ '--- r'" I/) animal feed spray textile ~--~- ~ tanning to preserve by sealing in airtight containers canning to remove liquid BeIow are the details of a course in food hygiene.

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