By Ssu-ma Ch'ien Edited by William H. Nienhauser, Jr.

ISBN-10: 0253340284

ISBN-13: 9780253340283

Comprises biographies of people in pre-Han China. This name introduces the reader to the foremost supporters and competitors of the founders of the Han Dynasty: the generals, advisors, strategists, and ministers who helped to form the rules of the 1st sustained empire in chinese language background.

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Life and Letters o f Fenton John Anthony Hort. (London: Macmillan, 1896), p. 211. 1) and to Lao Tzu 老 子 (Lao Tzu) by section. When comments in a m odem critical edition are relevant, however, we cite it. All dynastic history references are to the modem punctuated editions from Chung-hua Shu-chii 中 華書局. For many other citations we have referred to the S su -p u pei-yao 四 爺 備 要 or ts , “ng-kan 四部叢刊 E ditions to allow the reader to more easily locate the passage. Other abbreviated titles can be found in the L ist of A bbreviations.

The H an shu parallel reads T ’eng ling 滕 令 for Teng kung — 公 . 21),kung 公 is the Ch’u equivalent for “magistrate” which Pan Ku ‘^translated’,into Han official terminology as ling 令 . 5). The Chung-hua Shih chi reads: “ [Kuan Ying] personally captured one cavalry commander. He attacked Fu-yang . 傅 陽 ,身虜騎 將 一 人 。攻 傅 备 . … Most early H an shu editions read 虜騎 將 入 攻 博 陽 here (cf. 13b and the commentary). The Chung-hua editors have revised the text (changing j u 入 to y i je n — 人 and P o 博 to Fu 傅 )to read identically with the Shih chi (see their collational notes on H an shu, 41:2091).

Peking: W en-w u文物,1981. Loewe, Michael. “The M easurem ent o f Grain during the Han Period, , ’ TP, 49 (1961): 64-95. Sung HsU-wu 宋敍五 in his Liang Han huo-pi shih kao 兩 漢 貨 幣 史 稿 . Taipei: Wen-hai, 1978. Sung Chieh 宋 傑 . Chung-kuo huo-pi fa-chan shih 中 國 貨 幣 發 展 史 . Peking: Shou-tu Shih-fan Ta-hsiieh C h’u-pan-she,1999. Weights and Measures xlix Tseng Wu-hsiu 曾 武 秀 • “Chung-kuo li-tai chih-tu kai-shu” 中 國 歷 代 尺 度 槪 述 ,Li-shih yen-chiu, March 1964, esp. pp. 164-6 and 182. Wang Chung-ch’iian 王 忠 全 .

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The Grand Scribe's Records - Volume VIII The Memoirs of Han China, Part I by Ssu-ma Ch'ien Edited by William H. Nienhauser, Jr.

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