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Player knights are allowed only into the Old City, south of the river. They won’t get across the bridge, or into either of the gates to the Royal City. Problem: The Centurion King is out, fighting against Saxons to the east. The messengers must speak to him. They can wait in Eburacum, or get someone to take them to the army. Secrets: He doesn’t want to hear about the Sword of Victory. Solutions: Wait idly, or take up an offer to go and fight some Saxons raiding nearby. Action — Wait Idly: The wounded veterans in the castle mutter just out of earshot.

Now it is a monastery of British monks. Gloucester: The second biggest city in Britain, this is a major seaport on the Severn River. It is part of the County of Gloucester. HAMPSHIRE: On the south coast, Hampshire county includes the cities of Winchester, Hantonne, and Chichester. Hantonne: This port city in Hampshire is also a port for the royal fleet. Hertford (City): This city on the Tea River is the center of the county of Hertford, and a stop on the Royal Road. HERTFORD (County): A county in the east, north of London, which includes the cities Hertford, Royston, and St.

There is another fight, this time with just one opponent each, the rest having been slain at sea. The ships are burnt. The fleet then takes a rest in Yarmouth. Joined by reinforcements (perhaps more player knights to replace those too wounded to continue), they sail northward to the lands of Lindsey, and are met at sea once again in the waters of the Wash. Again, this fight is against 2 Saxons for each knight. 44 Because of the fighting, the following counties suffer the following modifiers to the Starting Bad Weather.

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