By Ayize Jama-Everett

Taggert can heal and harm with a marginally. while an ex asks for aid, he dangers his enigmatic master’s wrath to aim and shop her daughter. yet Taggert realizes the daughter has extra energy than he can think and he has to strive against with the very nature of his talents so as preserve the lady secure. Taggert should use greater than his energy, he has to delve into his middle and soul to survive.

“You’ll be sucked right into a fast moving tale approximately superpowered humans suffering for keep an eye on of the underground cultures they inhabit.” Annalee Newitz, io9

“The motion sequences are well orchestrated, however it is Taggert’s quest to retrieve his personal soul that offers “The Liminal People” its oomph. Jama-Everett has performed a stellar task of making a setup that gives you even better rewards in destiny volumes.” San Francisco Chronicle

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The PCs will find nothing of value here. This cave is never occupied at night and is used only 10%of daylight hours. 19. Treasure Vault: The clan of jermlaine keep this wellguarded cave to protect a variety of money and treasure. A large portion of the spoils from a battle are stored here, since the jermlaine sometimes need to barter for items with the outside world. The twists, turns, and tight squeezes that lead to this vault are unlikely to be penetrated by humanoids. Only the smallest of the adult jermlaine are able to navigate this passage; sometimes the younger jermlaine are required to wriggle down the tunnel to the treasure room.

If a character rolls his Dexterity check successfully, that character suffers l d 6 grazing damage from the spikes on the logs slashing past him. Any character in the path of a log (the DM should select a 20-foot band across the width of the cave as the paths of the two logs) must make a Dexterity check to avoid being struck. He must also make a second successful check at onehalf his normal ability to avoid rushing into the path of the other log. As the logs rush past each other, they will swing up toward the ceiling, then will swing down again purely from the force of momentum.

Through trial and error, they will eventually find branch B (see map). None of the other tunnels here-A, C, D, & E- are anything more than tunnels that will confuse the PCs or hinder their progress (though the DM is invited to make these areas more dangerous if the PCs appear to be “breezing” through the adventure). Approximately 50 feet into tunnel B, the PCs will find a pair of swinging doors. The doors are mounted on opposite sides of the tunnel and swing both forward and backward. The doors are ordinary and offer the PCs no resistance.

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The Liminal People (The Liminal People, Book 1) by Ayize Jama-Everett

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