By Serhiy Grabarchuk

ISBN-10: 1568814186

ISBN-13: 9781568814186

ISBN-10: 1568815255

ISBN-13: 9781568815251

This number of multiple hundred unique and hugely subtle puzzles offers demanding situations that require inventive, “outside of the field” considering. many differing types of puzzles are integrated, equivalent to notice, quantity, logical, visible, spatial, dissection, dividing, dot-connecting, matchstick, coin, and extra. each one aesthetically beautiful puzzle is designed to enhance challenge fixing talents; educate geometric, combinatorial, and spatial mind's eye; bolster visible notion and logical reasoning; and foster the advance of a perseverant and self-confident method of demanding situations

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It is the start shape for the three following puzzles. Puzzle 1. Puzzle 2. Puzzle 3. Move two matchsticks to form a shape divided into exactly two congruent parts. Move three matchsticks to form a shape divided into exactly three congruent parts. Move four matchsticks to form a shape divided into exactly four congruent parts. Solution on page 80. DigitCount ? What digit should replace the question mark? Solution on page 80. 29 The Book Staircase Add two straight lines to the books so that you can see some additional books similar to those shown.

You can do that in just two single-coin moves, while observing the “double-touch” rule. Solution on page 99. The Jigsaw Square Fusion Divide the two jigsaw pieces into four total parts so that the pieces can be rearranged into a perfect square. The resulting square should have a regular checkered pattern (except for the “ball” parts) like that shown on both jigsaw pieces. Solution on page 99. 52 Brick Knights’ Swap Spatial Knight's leap Six chess knights, three white and three black, are placed in the cells of the special 2 × 3 × 3 transparent block as in the big diagram.

Solution on page 82. The Antique Ring This metal ring looks to be slightly damaged, since in one of its openings (marked with a question mark) a wire element is missing. Can you restore that element? Solution on page 82. 32 The Factory Block Puzzle With three matchsticks, divide the factory block into two parts of the same area. Solution on page 83. Puzzle Card The 16-digit number of a Puzzle Card credit card is ciphered in 16 vertical stripes as shown. Can you decipher it? Solution on page 83.

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