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Di, ’give,’ ‘place,’ ‘cause’ Over time the initial r in this verb was lost. It does not appear at all in Coptic. In some forms of the verb the r regularly appears, in others it regularly does not; and in some forms it sometimes does and sometimes does not. ‘ The imperative pattern of the verb has been replaced by an imperative from a different stem. ‘ Glyph L. Sdw, ‗waterskin‘ P. Sd Waterskin F30 Vocabulary ix then, therefore, so that. Non-enclitic particle. f pattern of the verb. It always refers to some future result of precedent actions.

Glyphs P. is Bundle of reeds M40 P. ii in ‗come‘ and related words L. aD, ‗spool,‘ ‗reel‘ P. aD Reed with legs M18 Netting filled with twine V26 Vocabulary isw crew ii come adt safe Orthography It was noted above that when two identical consonants are not separated by an accented vowel, it is typical to write the consonant only once. On the other hand a consonant is occasionally repeated, perhaps to indicate that a sound is retained in a particular word where in similar situations it has been lost.

The chronology of Egypt The chronological framework established by Egyptologists differentiates between periods of relatively strong central government, called Kingdoms, and periods when no dynasty can accurately describe itself as governing the two lands, called Intermediate Periods. 16 Period Dynasties Dates (BCE) c. 5300 – 3000 Predynastic Early Dynastic 1, 2 c. 3000 – 2686 Old Kingdom 3–8 2686 – 2160 First Intermediate 9 – 11 2160 – 2055 Middle Kingdom 11, 12 2055 – 1650 Second Intermediate 15 – 17 1650 – 1550 New Kingdom 18 – 20 1550 – 1069 Third Intermediate 21 – 25 1069 – 664 Late Period 26 – 30 664 – 332 Ptolemaic Period 332 – 30 The eleventh dynasty is divided between the First Intermediate Period and the Middle Kingdom, the division marking the reunification of Egypt under Nebhepetra Mentuhotep.

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