By Ed Greenwood

ISBN-10: 0880387572

ISBN-13: 9780880387576

Waterdeep is the 3rd of a three-part sequence of adventures for the complex DUNGEONS & DRAGONS second variation role-playing online game, however it may also stand on my own. Set within the renowned FORGOTTEN geographical regions online game global, this event is loosely according to Richard Awlinson's Waterdeep, the 3rd novel within the Avatar Trilogy. This experience is designed for 4 to 6 participant characters of degrees 6 to nine.

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The merchants know that many magicians of renown live in and around Waterdeep. That is why they’re trading in material components right now—“a ready market up there, though they sometimes pay in odd coin,” says Sarlgon. So the journey continues. If the PCs managed to hang onto their Tablet of Fate through the battle at Dragonspear Castle, they should lose it before they reach Waterdeep. Harry them with more night riders, or have Myrkul himself steal into camp invisibly and steal the tablet from its sleeping guard.

It causes the entire lake to freeze to a depth of two feet through the next day. Water flowing over the frozen falls rests atop the ice, its level rising to flood the surrounding shore. Perhaps this destroys party supplies. Hypothermia The Wilderness Survival Guide rulebook provides detailed rules for this situation. A simplified method follows. Ability Losses: At the end of one turn of being trapped in the ice, each trapped character loses one point of Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution. At the end of the next turn, the character loses one more point from each, and one point of Wisdom.

A new voice. Behind Helm on the stair, another figure appears. Helm bows. ” he says reverently. Event 7: The Lord of All The Overlord of the Gods appears as a cryptic yet awesomely imposing figure. He has hair and beard of purest white, but his face and posture do not suggest a particular age; he could be young, or old, or anywhere in between. His face is neither handsome nor ugly—the sort of visage that looks absolutely average. In short, he is the embodiment of the Balance, showing no aspects of any ex- 40 treme.

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