By Ruth Sochard, David Martin, Pete Fenlon, Elissa Martin

ISBN-10: 0915795892

ISBN-13: 9780915795895

Over 20 pages of layouts, views, and illustrations. entire, multi-level layouts for thirteen towers and bastions of the outer works. certain layouts for all 14 degrees of the tower, Amon Sûl.

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The analysis of extreme precipitation in the Mediterranean is based on 286 stations across the basin for the period 1950–2006. , 2004) from October to March is considered. , 2010) and by Caussinus and Mestre (2004). , change points due to nonclimatic factors) are discarded. , 2012). 10. , the level that is expected to be exceeded on average once every 5 and 50 years) help in understanding and quantifying the behavior of the most severe events. , the northern coast of Portugal, the Gulf of Lions, the Gulf of Genoa, Croatia, Rhodes, and the eastern Black Sea area) greater than 100 mm.

3 shows the representation of bathymetry and topography aggregating data in cells of various size. 3D corresponds to the average resolution of the global models used in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 4th Assessment Report (IPCC AR4) and in the analysis by Giorgi and Lionello (2008). , 1999). 3A. 3A and B can be considered adequate for representing realistically the morphology of the region, and even a model working at these high resolutions is far from being adequate for simulating hydrological processes in narrow and steep basins of the Mediterranean region.

This flux has an important interannual variability and long-term trends. , 2007 for a review). , 2007), which could in turn affect the long-term evolution of the flow rate by modulating the dense-water formation rate within the sea. Oceanographically based estimates of the water flux from the Atlantic Ocean at the Strait of Gibraltar are affected by strong uncertainties, and their temporal variability is largely unknown. , 2002b) do not agree with the E–P–R estimates (480 mm/yr). The agreement is even less if we include the Black Sea term (75–120 mm/yr).

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Weathertop, the Tower of the Wind (Middle Earth Role Playing MERP No. 8201) by Ruth Sochard, David Martin, Pete Fenlon, Elissa Martin

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